What do I do?

I make music, both live and in the studio, by layering many tracks of acoustic cello. I love the sound of the instrument and try not to manipulate the original sound so much that it's unrecognizable.


Into The Trees

One Cello x 16: Natoma

One Cello x 16 (EP)

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How do I play my music live?

To perform live, I use a combination of microphones and pickups attached to the body of the cello and record onstage using a foot-controlled computer that runs Ableton Live, SooperLooper, MAX and MidiPipe.

TedMed, May 2018

American Giant, May 2017

Voice of America, January 2015:

Performance of Lost, ABC Radio National, Sydney, June 2012:

Performance of Optimist, Texas, May 2011:

booking & general inquiries: info (at) zoekeating.com
photo by wonderful chase jarvis